Men normally discuss menswear traditions in their conversation and can come to be framed in terms of style rules that must be required to follow at all costs. Although there are many pieces of advice that are fixed in sound logic and the principles of aesthetics, following ironclad rules can limit your options in terms of what you can wear stylishly. But guess what? You don’t really have to think that these rules can be followed a hundred per cent of the time. 

To learn about the ones you should always dismiss when you want to step up your style game and look the greatest, then you better keep on reading! 

Style Advice #1: You Always Get What You Pay For 

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This is usually trying but can be false too! So how would you avoid getting swindled? You need to know what to look for. Try to go into the most renowned menswear store in your area and look at the best. Also, when you go out and look at Rolex watches or high-quality footwear, you begin to familiarize yourself to what real quality is about. So even if you can’t really afford it, you need to be familiar with the best. 

Doing this will give you two benefits, one is that you’ll see the great quality for a cut-price, and you will know it’s a bargain. On the other hand, if you see the poor quality at an inflated price, you’ll identify it’s a ripoff. 

Style Advice #2: Partnering Brown With Black is a NO

This is absolutely false! You can definitely pull of brown and black. It’s very effortless to do, particularly in the details. For example, you’ll usually see black details on a brown pair of boots. If you have big confidence, you can definitely pull it off. Just neglect the rule. 

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The technique here is to keep it simple. Make sure there are no bold colours, no fancy bells and whistles, no plenty of patterns. Otherwise, you’ll look too much. Combining black and brown is already a statement. 

Style Advice #3: Never Wear Sneakers With Dress Pants 

Don’t wear sneakers with dress pants? Well, ignore it! Sneakers are definitely cool now. They’re not made for athletes and tired dads anymore. If you like to wear sneakers with slacks or even an entire suit, then don’t let anyone tell you not to. 

Style Advice #4: Don’t Tuck in Dress Shirts 

How To Tuck Your Shirt The Right Way - Modern Men's Guide
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Men’s fashion is more diversified than it’s ever been, and men have turned out to be more creative in the manner they style themselves. Dress shirts are not always meant to be stuffy; the fashion set have been sighted wearing them untucked, and slightly oversized, for an edgier, more loosened fit. 

Style Advice #5: Expensive Will Always be Better 

Every smart shopper knows that this is false and a very pretentious sentiment. Although it’s okay to treat yourself with men’s designer clothing brands from time to time, we don’t live in feudal times anymore, but there are unlimited cheaper, high-quality clothing brands out there. 

Style Advice #6: Replicate What Celebrities Are Doing

You will surely hear this a lot, you just need to look at your favourite celebrity and copy what they’re doing. It’s great that you get to obtain several wonderful ideas from them, like Ryan Gosling or George Clooney. 

Style Steal: How To Dress Like Ryan Gosling | The Gentleman's Journal | The latest in style and grooming, food and drink, business, lifestyle, culture, sports, restaurants, nightlife, travel and power.
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There are plenty of things they wear that can look good on you. However, you need to be very careful when taking style inspiration from celebrities, it will surely go wrong. You don’t want to end up copying some absurd peacock type look. 

Style Advice #7: Consider Your Age When Dressing Up 

You will surely hear familiar expressions such as “You’re only old as you feel”, or “Age isn’t anything but a number.” These sayings can be applied to fashion as well. If you’re at the intern stage but wish to gladly wear a three-piece or a sweater vest, then do it! And if you’re in the mood to try out younger clothing style if you’re up there in years, then do it as you like. There shouldn’t be any reason why age should determine the clothes you’re believed to wear. 

Style Advice #8: Denim With Blazers Is Terrible

Style your Blazer with Denim - Denim Fever
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Denim and blazers are like salt and pepper, they have perfect synergy. The former is laid-back and casual; the latter is polished and refined. Just put them together and you’ll rock a look that’s both relaxed and smart. 

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