Everyone seems to sleep at virtual birthday parties! While nothing is much better than clinking champagne glasses together in person, however, the new normal today is to throw a joyful party online. So it’s time that you use your creativity and wildest imagination.

In this article, we’re going to help you how to throw a virtual birthday party that’s made for adults at home in the most creative way as possible, and it’s easy too! These birthday party ideas for adults are made simple and fun because despite the social distance, celebrating a birthday should not be a challenge. 

In addition, it’s actually more needed to celebrate birthdays today than ever, even if it’s a virtual party only. During these times, everyone should unite together, laugh, and have fun that’s much-needed. So here are our top virtual birthday party ideas for adults: 


1.  Costume-Themed Party 

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Decide on a theme you want for your party. Perhaps, you can consider a fun costume party and ask your friends and family to pick a costume they would like to wear for the celebration. It’s quite easy to come up with a theme for your costume party, you can choose from your favourite movies, books, TV series, superheroes, or historical figures. It’s crucial that you choose something that most of your guests can easily spot in their own closets. Don’t even make them buy in the mall just to attend your party. 

If you like a kid’s party theme even if everyone is already an adult, you can check this virtual birthday party ideas to get some inspiration. 


2. Official Zoom Party E-Invitation 

Of course, the next thing to do after deciding on the theme you would do is to create an official invite that will instantly have all your friends and family feel hyped for the celebration. You can turn to the Etsy store, it can help you personalize all the details for your party on their easy-to-use templates online. 


3. Online Cocktail Party 

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Even if most of us can’t go to a physical bar, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on your birthday with drinks. What you can do is to search for cocktail recipes online and share them with your guests so they are able to buy and arrange the ingredients needed before the party. Also, your guests can also mix the cocktails as part of the activity of the party. Don’t forget to play party tunes and create some mood lightings to set the virtual stage for the cocktail party. 

Aside from that, as appreciation for your guests, you can have a liquor delivery. You can send a fancy bottle of wine or a simple bottle of beers to their houses. 


4. Netflix Party 

Everybody loves a movie night, it’s chill and affordable too! You may use a group streaming service for your movie night so everyone can all chat about the movie and about what’s happening. Plus, no need to worry about the spoilers. The program will ensure that everyone is at the exact same scene even if someone needs to go to the bathroom. 


5. Virtual Birthday Brunch

If you and your friends are not the clubbing type and prefer those intimate brunches, it would be best to host a virtual birthday brunch. You can share with them the breakfast recipe you’ll be having and everyone should cook it at the same time. Once the food is prepared, you may all sit down and chit chat over a cup of tea and the brunch foods you all cooked. 

Also, if that’s too much to ask, you can get the same food items and beverages delivered to your friend’s home from a local restaurant, then make sure that they prepare them before the party starts. 


6. Virtual Escape

Photo by Business Traveller 

If you and your friends normally explore new places as a way for bonding together, you can sign up for virtual tours of national parks, museums, cities, and historical sites. This is the new version of travelling as a group if you’re itching to go on an adventure. It’s the perfect idea of having a little escape during the pandemic. It’s worth it and you’ll be able to see the world without the need to leave your living room. 


7. Online Slumber Party 

This may sound silly, but slumber parties can be fun even if you’re doing it virtually! If you’re missing the sleepover days at your friend’s places, then why not host an adult slumber party for your birthday and just enjoy the night in your favourite comfy pyjamas. You and your friends can have some self-pampering activities like doing pedicures or putting face masks. Don’t forget the yummy treats as you gossip away the night like you used to do before the pandemic happened. 

Just make sure that everyone has a good phone battery life to continue the party going until morning! 


8. DIY Project Party 

Photo by Craft Box Club 

Lastly, if you and your friends are the artsy types of people who love to do DIY projects and crafts, then you can plan a DIY project for your birthday party. For instance, you can choose a cake recipe or any pastry recipe and ask everyone to bake them together in a video call. This type of activity will allow everyone to suggest their ideas, while also having a good time. 

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