When it comes to Disney obsession, age is just a number. Honest to goodness, no one is really meant to outgrow their love for Mickey Mouse and all the other OG Disney characters and princesses we’ve known for half our lives. Well, because Walt Disney is not just a brand but a wondrous part of everyone’s childhood that none of us could ever leave behind. 

Now that holiday occasions are coming up, you probably have a few not-so-grown-up friends and SOs on your gift list whose main obsession falls for — no, not really wool socks but — Disney merch. IKR, it’s a bit weird for some people when full-grown adults are still goofing over Disney cartoons, but who cares? It’s a Disney thing! 

So, if you want to earn the “Best Gift-Giver” title this year, get ready to hop on as we give you a magic-carpet ride to a slew of fun Disney gift ideas for your buddies. From oven mitts to AirPods cases, here are Disney goodies you can never go wrong with.

Mickey Mouse Oven Mitts

For friends or family members who love cooking, baking and Disney, Mickey Mouse is here to lend a helping hand and add a little pop of joy to their kitchen spaces. Trust me, they are going to love you even more for this and you’ll have them singing to the hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog song as they spend their best times in the kitchen. Whilst you can find mitts with Disney cartoon’s graphic design, there are also ones that resemble Mickey Mouse’s hands.    

Princess Jasmine Makeup Brush Set

Probably the cutest brushes I’ve ever seen in my life! If you have someone on your list who has a serious obsession with makeup and loves Alladin at the same time, this makeup brush set inspired by Princess Jasmine’s beauty will take them to a whole new world. Your receiver would absolutely ask for this if you were a genie trapped in a lamp.     

Tangled Castle Card Holder

Whoever receives this adorable card holder is so lucky to have her daily essentials (debit, credit, rewards card and IDs) safe and carried at all times. Bonus gift is the Tangled castle graphic design that will always remind them of the happiest place on Earth. 

Stitch Airpods Case

AirPods are something music devotees could not live without. So, protect them from dents and scratches by sending your audiophile friends with this cutie Stitch silicon covers as a holiday present. You can also find Disney’s finest characters from any local online stores.  


Disney Princess Ariel Mug

Wouldn’t you think their collections complete without this adorable Ariel mug? For coffee lovers, here’s something that they would love to add to their mug collections. It comes with a double-purpose lid made with high-quality ceramic stoneware that promises long-lasting coffee moments with Ariel. 

Up Movie Doormat

If you have someone in your gift list who likes stepping out the door and exploring majestic places like Paradise falls, this Up-inspired doormat is the ultimate gift. The design sees the iconic travel mantra of adorable couple Carl and Ellie “Adventure is out there.” with their balloon house on the side. 

Mrs Potts & Chip Tea Set 

Arguably the most adorable characters from the Beauty and the Beast, Mrs Potts and Chip, make the best present for Disney adult fans. Isn’t it such a great way to start the day with these delightful ceramic smiles holding your favourite tea? This Mrs Potts & Chip tea set also makes perfect decorative home accessories — what else could the recipient ask for?  

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