A home wine cellar may be a thing of class, beauty, and elegance. But installing it in your home in Bellaire, Conroe, Friendswood, Humble, or any other Houston location, is not the end. You need to ensure that the wine cellar takes care of your wines the way it should.

Here, we will be telling you 6 effective tips for the proper storage of wines in your Houston home. Many renowned agencies offer the best wine cellars in Houston along with effective suggestions. However, it is also important for you to keep these in mind to ensure proper storage on your behalf.

1.Choose the right location

This is the first thing to decide. You should have enough space for installing a wine cellar or a wine cellar racking system. The space should preferably be vibration-proof, cool, with proper lighting. Each of these can affect the taste. A basement is a great place. Or if you want, you can install the cellar under the stairs.

2.Stable temperature and humidity

Naturally, the right location entails having a stable temperature and humidity. This will help maintain the taste of the wines longer. Another important aspect is having a wine cellar cooling system. The wine cellar agency you have opted for will be able to give you the perfect suggestions regarding cooling units. The optimal temperature is between 55 to 58-degree Fahrenheit and humidity is 55 to 75%.

3.Highly durable Wine Cellar Doors

No matter the wine cellar designs, the cellar door should be strong to not allow even a little bit of air to pass through. It should be perfectly insulated. If you go for a glass door, it is better to have it double-paned. You can also go for other finishes like etched glass, wood, or iron doors too. Just find out which one will be more suitable.

4.Go for Horizontal Storage

Opting for a wine cellar means that your wine collection is in for long-term storage. So, go for horizontal custom wine rack designs for your wine bottles. This way the wine keeps the cork moist. Storing your bottles vertically may lead to the cork drying up and shrinking as it won’t be in contact with the liquid. This lets oxygen into the bottle which can cause oxidation and ruin the taste of the wine. Horizontal storage also maximizes storage space.

5.Pick the right flooring

Flooring also plays an important role in your home wine cellar. Do not use carpet as mold can develop when there is a rise in humidity levels. Mold and mildew are not at all good for the health of wines. Instead, you should go for stronger substances like hardwood, stone, marble, or tiles.

6.Dark Environment

Make sure that your wine cellar receives no sunlight as it can alter the taste of your wines. While this is less prone in a dedicated wine cellar room, you might want to install your wine cellar racking system away from your windows. Do not make way for windows in your wine room. If you want to, ensure proper sealing.

Keeping these 6 tips in mind will help you give your wine collection the most suitable storage. Many renowned agencies of the best wine cellars in Houston offer varied designs of wine cellars, racks, doors, wine rooms, and furniture. They also provide repair and restoration services. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they will give you the perfect wine cellar to adorn your home space.

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