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The day you move into your new apartment is the most exciting day of your life. It is the day to start your new life in your new apartment. You must not want to ruin your perfect day in a way, but imagine, if you found that your new apartment has a broken water heater or the electric sockets aren’t working, it can surely ruin your day. 

Thus, if you want to move into your apartment rentals Pryor Ok happily, you have to thoroughly inspect the apartment before renting it out. The apartment inspection doesn’t mean that you just check a couple of pictures or videos of the apartment – no, you have to personally visit the apartment and inspect all the vital components. 

When you are searching for the best apartment rentals Pryor Ok, you must to inspect the following things in the property-

Smooth Walls

Foremost, you have to inspect walls of your apartment rentals Pryor Ok and look for cracks, tiny holes, or water dripping marks on the walls. Around the windows and vent, you should precisely look for water dripping marks. If you find old photo frame marks or any other kind of holes on the walls, you should immediately ask the landlord to fix them. You should gently rub your hand on the walls to check the smoothness of the paint, and if you find drips or chips in the paint, you can request the landlord to redo the painting job before your move. 

Condition of Electric Plugs 

It is one of the important part of apartment rentals Pryor Ok inspection, where you should check whether all the electric plugs are working or not. From a small night bulb plug to a refrigerator socket, every electric outlet needs to work properly; otherwise, you might end up burning your new home or appliances. You should look for small burn marks around the electric sockets to make sure they are fine. If possible, you should take a professional electrician with you to be extra sure. 

Presence of Smoke Detectors

Safety standards inspection is one of the crucial elements of a rental property. You need to ensure that your new apartment has smoke detectors and it is in the working condition. Ideally, one apartment has a smoke detector outside each bedroom, kitchen, and main entrance. Plus, there should be other safety elements present in the apartment, such as fire extinguishers, radon detectors, sprinklers, etc. Your and your family safety is important; thus, make sure to check smoke detectors before renting out the property. 

Examine Thermostat 

If you don’t want to end up in a freezing apartment in the winters or bubbling hot in summers, you have to ensure that thermostat shows the same temperature as you are feeling in the room. You should ask questions regarding the thermostat settings and maintenance from the landlord. 

You need to ensure that the temperature is consistent throughout the entire apartment. Try to knock up the temperature of the heating unit or air conditioner to test the maximum power of the thermostat. If you aren’t satisfied with the thermostat, you can request the landlord to replace it before signing the rental agreement. 

Bathroom Inspection 

The bathroom is one of the important parts of your home; thus, you have to inspect all the components of it properly, including toilet, sink, taps, drainage system, bathtub, etc. Overall, the cleanliness check of the bathroom is important for your hygiene and health. 

If you want to buy the perfect apartment rentals Pryor Ok without going through the hassle of inspecting the entire place, you have to find the best apartment rental place. Country Club Villa Pryor can be the best place to rent out because they make sure that you get the best quality residential experience under your limited budget. 

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