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Allscripts EHR is a very popular EMR software that was founded in 1986 and is used by thousands of practices and hospitals. It is a flexible software that is suitable for practices or hospitals of all sizes; from a practice with a handful of people to a large hospital with thousands of staff members, it works for everyone. Allscripts Professional EHR is the preeminent platform of clinical, operational, financial, and wellness solutions for small to midsize physician practice. After digging deep into Allscripts EMR demo, we have gathered 5 things about Allscripts EMR that you need to know. So without further delay, let’s get into that.

Patient History

Patient history is something that is extremely important for a doctor to know. Spending hours digging into a patient’s history is not something a doctor has time to do so it’s basically such a waste of time. That time can be consumed in figuring out the best treatments for your patient. With the help of Allscripts Patient History features, doctors can easily look into their patient history with just one click. All the data from a patient’s medical history to his family medical history to his diagnosis and treatments, everything can be accessed in one place which is a great advantage for the doctors. Not only does that help doctors with saving time but also helps them treat the condition in the best way possible. Allscripts EMR reviews are filled with users praising this feature because of how much ease it creates. 


One of the best things about Allscripts EMR software is its scheduling tools. Scheduling is an area where many software lacks. If this area is streamlined then the overall efficiency of the workplace automatically increases. If you look at Allscripts EHR reviews, you will notice that many users have praised how amazing Allscripts scheduling tools are. The software takes care of everything regarding scheduling, appointments, cancellation, etc. The software sends reminders to patients so that they are more likely to show up for appointments or cancel well in time for you to schedule someone else in their place instead of wasting time. That helps majorly in improving the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. 

Lab Integration

One of the most important things that any small practice needs are to ensure that everything is done as efficiently as possible because the smaller the staff, the more efficient you need to be. Allscripts EHR reviews often talk about how the lab integration feature is very important since it streamlines how you get the lab results you have ordered for your patients. Basically, with lab integration,  you can get lab results sent directly to you so that you can view them right away. You do not need a staff member or to spare time yourself to call the lab and have them sent the results over.  The time and money you can save with this feature will make up for the AllScripts EMR price in no time at all.

Streamlining routine tasks

Allscripts EHR provides an extensive suite of tools and features such as e-prescribing, mobile access, and clinical features to aid clinicians in managing their routine tasks better. Many Allscripts EHR reviews talk about how the software helps the users so much in making the whole system so smooth. Other than taking over all the complex tasks, it also helps in the management of easy tasks which helps improve the overall efficiency and streamlines the whole system. The user interface is amicable, so the management is pretty easy. 

Reporting and Analytics

Allscripts EMR reviews are filled with users saying great things about Allscripts reporting and Analytic tools. Reporting is a very complex task and it’s one task that can not afford any errors. The reports must be completely accurate so Allscripts EMR makes sure you get the best of the best by providing you with excellent reporting tools. When this task is done by the software automatically, not only is the chance of errors reduced to almost zero percent but the time it tasks to create reports is much less than if the reports were created by staff members manually. The administrative workload is reduced. 


Allscripts EMR software is a great software that has excellent things to offer to its customers. From outstanding reporting tools to a great patient portal, this software has it all. If you are looking for EHR software for your practice, you should consider Allscripts EMR. Allscripts EMR is an all in one EHR software that has all the tools you will require for your practice in one place.

Allscripts EMR

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