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Are you stuck in a career that isn’t right for you? Or maybe the career path you have chosen is correct, but the job for your qualifications and expertise isn’t as rewarding enough. Are you worried about the outcome?

Well, you do not perform to the best of your ability, and trudge through the working days as a mere formality that brings in the monthly paycheque without doing as much as to motivate you to learn new skills or seek growth opportunities.

What results in wrong career choices?

Let us take a look at the ‘whys’ behind wrong career moves that people lead themselves into:

  • Not evaluating your own strengths and talents 

The most basic reason why people stray in their careers is that they do not know what their abilities are, what kind of work will keep them excited about their jobs and motivate them to keep moving forward. Know your strengths as well as weaknesses to weigh jobs and choose a career that best echoes your profile.

  • Listening to/following the crowd

Faith in one’s abilities is the key that will unlock the right career doors. The lack of it, on the other hand, causes people to turn for guidance from those around them. Well, we all need career guidance at various stages of our professional lives. Still, if influenced on a significant part by others’ dreams and popular trends, there runs a risk of not following your own true calling. Let the conviction for what you aspire for in your professional life stem from within you, and others be the side support in the journey chartered by you.

  • Fear 

You might even know what the most suited career for you is is, but refrain from acting on it out of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of change and fear of failing. Allowing fear to come in between your career goals prevents you from following a career path that you would not only succeed in traversing but enjoy too. Instead, it only leads one towards making safe choices – choices that later breed job dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation towards career advancement.

  • Lack of perseverance

Building a positive career graph calls for hard work, perseverance and patience. For those looking for speedy success, it could mean compromising on job choices and taking up work that provides a false safe blanket of job security – only that the job has not much to offer in the long run.

  • Grow your network before you need it

You often find your strong ties in your immediate circle with whom you interact often. Your weak ties are your friends of friends. They are the ones who move in different circles and know other people. They are more likely to introduce you to new opportunities. Pay close attention to nurturing and building your networking skills and focus on how you can add value to others.

  • Ask for help

It can be challenging to ask for help, and also, it can make you feel vulnerable. No one person is expected to have answers to all your questions. That is why we need a group of people to whom we can go for help, people who can pick us up from setbacks and can also help us to celebrate success.

Final Thoughts

These are some reasons why people take wrong career decisions and fail to reach the pinnacle that their otherwise excellent credentials should allow them to. By understanding these, one can follow a career and take up jobs that one is not only good at but enjoys equally. Start incorporating new things in your first week and gradually add more as your comfort zone and increase your capacity slowly.

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