From time immemorial, the expression of love has been done by the use of some flowers. These flowers are just apt to make your expression of love to the point. Flowers are vibrant, aromatic, and fresh objects that make human beings smile and are the best in conveying your heartfelt wishes and love to someone special.

If you want to propose the love of your life and if you are considering flowers, then, there is no way you will get disappointment in return. We often order flowers online before we step out to attend someone’s function or any celebration. Ever thought why? Because flowers are the best gifts that can convey the greetings and blessings to the recipient perfectly. Now, coming back to the fact that you wish to express your love to that special person, you must be wondering which flowers to go for right? No, we won’t urge you to go for roses only, rather, we have come up with a list of flowers that will not only express your love but will also make the recipient of these flowers fall head over heels in love with you. Excited, right? Let’s get started with the list now!

  • Tulip:

We all have been obsessing over the beauty of this flower, right? The vibrant colors of this flower that comes in various colors like red, white, yellow, purple, and pink, leaves the recipient of the flowers a complete awestruck. Did you know that red tulips are expert in conveying your expression of love, whereas, white tulips are known to express your apology? Not just for the expression of love, Tulips are being used to greet our close ones on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. So, getting your hands on tulips for the confrontation of your love will get you to the way of success.

  • Lilac:

This uncanny beauty that comes with light violet leaves is the best-regarded flower if you wish to express your love to someone special. Wondering why? It is definitely because of the irresistible beauty they come up with. Also, if you have just entered into a relationship, then this flower might be just apt for you. These flowers will not only convey your love and feelings towards them but will also deepen the understanding between you and your partner.

  • Orchids:

I have not met a person in 25 years of my life who has not gotten captivated by the beauty of this beautiful flower. These exotic and elegant flowers can make any heart skip a beat. So, imagine you confessing your love to someone special with a bouquet of orchids? You can already imagine them blushing, right? So believe me, nothing can go wrong with these Orchids flowers if you think you have a spark with the person. A bouquet of orchids would be the right stroke to make. For those having a long-distance crush or love, you can send flowers online to let your love reach them in the most appropriate manner.

  • Carnations:

On a personal note, this flower is my favorite one. Regardless of the color of the bloom, this flower is capable of seizing the special moment and making them even more memorable and special. This beautiful flower comes in red, purple, white, pink color. It is just an ideal flower for any occasion for your loved ones. Be it an anniversary, birthday, or any other celebration, this flower won’t let you down. Moreover, when it comes to expressing your love, then, this flower has got some supernatural powers. Your someone special would get compelled to say yes after receiving this brilliant beauty in the form of a bouquet. With online flower delivery in Kolkata, get this flower at your doorstep or you can get it delivered directly to the doorstep of the recipient. 

  • Daisy:

This breath-taking beauty has been surprising us since childhood. Remember the time we used to pluck this flower secretly from our garden to convey our love and affection to our favorite teacher in school? Likewise, this flower will not fail you in expressing your love for someone special as well. You can count on it. The best thing is yet to come. Daisy flowers come in various colors and shades, that can give the recipient an adrenaline rush. Well, that is all you are looking for, right?

So, you can make these 5 flowers your messenger of love without even giving a second through. Of course, going for red roses won’t be a failure either but if you have a creative soul in mainstream objects bore you, then, these 5 flowers are definitely for you. Also, the confession of love is an important step in everyone’s life, so, why not make it big? These 5 flowers will undoubtedly add colors to your love confession.

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