Thermostatic Shower Mixer

What features should a good thermostatic shower mixer have? If you are in the market for a mixer in your bathroom, you probably know that there are a multitude of choices available, which can get really overwhelming. That being said, it is essential to know these five features a good thermostatic shower mixer should possess, to help you spot the right one.

1. Easy installation.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer 2

If you want a bathroom upgrade without the hassle, find a thermostatic shower mixer that is easy to install, and can be done in just a few minutes without requiring professional help. This saves you from additional costs that could incur with a more complicated shower mixer.

Installation can be done either concealed or exposed. As its name implies, a concealed installation is when water connections are hidden, whereas an exposed installation is when the water connections are on display. Installing a shower is not particularly difficult when you have the right tools and accessories. But if you find yourself struggling, letting an expert guide you is the best option.

2. Solid brass construction.

A thermostatic shower mixer with a solid brass construction can stand the test of time since solid brass is known to be a strong and durable metal. Also, as it is rust and corrosion resistant, it does not need to be replaced; hence, helping you save some money in the long run.

3. Safety button.

Why choose a thermostatic shower mixer that comes with a safety button? This is to keep the temperature precise and consistent during your shower and avoid any water temperature change when someone uses the kitchen faucet or flushes the toilet. When someone does so, the safety button instantly resets the temperature to around 38°C, thus avoiding scalding. Hence why this type of shower mixer is perfect for the elderly and kids.

4. Energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient thermostatic shower mixers work by reducing the amount of water flow by 50% as compared to other types of shower mixers. Investing in a shower mixer as such enables you to reduce water usage and save money as well. Moreover, with this eco-friendly option you are taking a big step in helping the planet!

5. Chrome finish and sleek design.

There is a wide range of shower mixers on the market today, which means there is an abundance of designs available for you to choose from. More often than not, purchasing one based on design really comes down to your personal taste. But for the purpose of finding a good thermostatic shower mixer, it is strongly recommended to look for one with a chrome finish and sleek design. It has a timeless and stylish appearance that combines classic and innovative elements. This design simply looks great for any bathroom.

Summing Up

Have you decided to invest in a new thermostatic shower mixer? Careful planning and effective tips can ensure that you choose the best fitted one for your bathroom.

Your shower can set your mood for the day, so why not invest in a shower mixer that will always give your day a good start? Simply keep these features in mind and you are all set for a hassle-free mixer buying experience.

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