As a wine collector, the main reason behind buying a wine cabinet is to have a custom space dedicated to a personal smaller collection of wines. Naturally, a wine cabinet is a much smaller space for wine storage that a full-fledged wine cellar. And it is this small space availability that calls for the factors we will be talking about here.

There are many manufacturers of custom Wine Cellars in Houston that offer custom wine cabinets based on different styles and finishes. All you have to do is tell them what you like and they will provide you with the same and maybe even better.

Here are 5 factors that a wine collector should consider when buying a wine cabinet:

  1. Know Your Style: This can go two ways. Either, you might already be having a wine cellar and are going for additional custom wine cabinets for your own taste, which is natural for a wine collector. Or, this might be your first buy of wine storage. In the first case, you have your wine cellar to refer to, as far as style is concerned, as you want to keep a similarity between the cellar and the cabinets. In the second case, however, you will have to consider your tastes. Do you like vintage? Or modern? Or transitional i.e. the mix of modern and vintage? A wine cellar manufacturing agency will be able to help you out effectively in either case.
  2. Know your Finish: This is also necessary. A finish also helps reflect your taste. This can be wood, wrought iron, metal, or glass. The best way to uphold wine cabinets or, for that matter, custom wine cellars, is the perfect mix of style and finish. Contact a wine cellar manufacturer in Houston and the experts will tell you exactly what will be apt for you. They have lots of finish options including many kinds of wood like Malaysian Mahogany, White Oak, All Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, and others. For wrought iron, you can various options from black iron to brushed gold.
  3. The Racking: Naturally there has to be a way in which you will want to store your cherished wines. And based on the size of the cabinets, you will have to opt for the racks. Talk to the agency of wine cellars regarding this as they have in-depth knowledge about what racks will be suitable for a specific-sized wine cabinet. In this case, too, you will have options to choose from, like metal, wrought iron, and wood wine racks.
  4. The Cooling Unit: Since the cabinet is a separate storage space for your wines, you will certainly need a dedicated cooling unit for it. Temperature control, humidity control, insulation, all these are necessary factors that help wines retain their taste for a longer period of time. A cooling unit along with the wine cabinet structure itself is responsible for keeping these factors in check. Talk to a wine cellar agency and they will suggest the best cooling units that will be appropriate for your custom wine cabinets.
  5. Repair and restoration: If you already have custom wine cabinets, but they have gone old, it does not mean that you necessarily have to go for new ones. You can easily get them repaired or restored as per their present state. There are many wine cellar agencies in Houston that offer efficient repair and restoration services. Maybe you only need to change the cooling unit; in that case, going for a new cabinet is useless unless you really want to change it. The agency experts will give your custom wine cabinets the perfect service it needs.


So, as you see, keeping these 5 factors in mind will assure that you have the perfect custom wine cabinets for your wines. All you have to do is contact an agency of custom Wine Cellars in Houston and they will take care of your requirements in the perfect manner.

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