Everyone is facing a tough time during this pandemic. If you’re an employer looking for ways to boost the morale of your employees, you need to create a culture of using effective team-building practices. Any type of employee engagement activity during COVID-19 is more important than ever before. 

Many companies today implemented a work-from-home setup which also resulted in communication and bonds between teammates being exhausted, and even economic uncertainty negatively affects organizations and their employees. The good news is, although social distancing can be challenging, employee engagement doesn’t always happen inside the office walls. We have technology that made it easier to connect and talk to team members no matter where they’re living. 

Here are top covid-friendly fun activities for team building that can boost your employees’ morale. 

Virtual Night Outs 

Nowadays, we have so many virtual internet sources to hold a virtual night out! Even if everyone is at home, you can still give them the great old feeling of an ideal night out. You have plenty of options to choose from, such as watching the same online movie or series and talk about in your groups. Or visit a zoo or a garden through a virtual safari tour, and explore these places together. Doing this will help you establish continuous communication and collaboration. 

Virtual Competitions 

The great thing about doing competitions is it will help you understand your members better. You’ll get to determine each other’s strengths, interests, and weaknesses. You may use smartphones to do photo challenges and cooking competitions. It’s a technique that you can use to determine a person’s secret talent while using a short amount of time. Don’t forget to congratulate the members who will win and allow them to share their tricks of excellence. 

Online Happy Hour

Employee engagement shouldn’t always revolve around work. Most of the time, the best employee engagement occurs in a casual setting where everyone can get to chat and know more about each other better outside of the parameters of their professional jobs. Keeping that in mind, you can get together as a group using your preferred video conferencing platform, like Google Meet or Zoom, and have a good time with some beverages together. You may even do fancy cocktails together. Don’t forget to include some happy hour games to make the activity more lighthearted with your colleagues. 

Virtual Pictionary Game 

This may sound weird but yes, we are suggesting that you play Pictionary online. You might be asking how would that even work? Well, search Skribbl.io online, you’ll know what we’re talking about. This free Pictionary game online can be played by everyone as long as they have a laptop or desktop. You can create a private room for your team and start the drawing in your own home. If you think that it’s more fun to play this in person, wait until you watch them try their best to draw a clear picture using their mouse or computer trackpad. Everyone will surely be laughing at each other’s drawings. 

Host Online Lunch and Learns 

One of the best ways for your team to be productive at work amidst the pandemic, you can engage them by giving them the task to host a virtual lunch and learn for the whole team on a regular basis. Whether you want to make it monthly or weekly, or any day you choose, give the task to each person a time where they research something that’s connected to the company’s industry that they think can be useful, and allow them to present it to the team. 

In this way, your employees can learn and practice these types of skills while having them connected with the entire team. You don’t really need to hire a corporate planner just to do team building! And you might be surprised by all the things you’ve never expected you can learn about your team members. 

On the Note

It’s difficult to manage a remote team during these times and most of your employees are not yet used to working at home with the same amount of productivity they normally have when working at the office. Most workers are used to communicating and socializing with their colleagues at the workplace but because of the pandemic, they’re forced to work and live separately. These fun activities we’ve shared in this article may ensure and help you build that strong relationship again in your team. 

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