The NHS treats millions of patients every day, carrying out numerous operations and different kinds of treatments. The Commonwealth Fund has labelled the NHS as one of the best healthcare systems because of its amazing efficiency and effectiveness in providing the right care. However, while they deal with so many cases at a time, it is inevitable that there will be some errors and complications. 

If errors that were avoidable end up affecting your health and overall life, you may be able to claim for medical negligence in Scotland and get the support you need in this hard time. 

There are several kinds of mistakes and errors that medical professionals commit which leads to severe consequences for the patients. Let’s shed light on some of these personal injury claims for medical negligence. 

  • Medical Misdiagnosis

If the doctor fails to properly diagnose the issue, this will definitely cause the patient to suffer. According to Daily Telegraphs, one in six patients receiving medical treatment in the NHS hospitals are misdiagnosed. The medical misdiagnosis generally falls into two categories:

  • When the medical condition is completely missed and goes undiagnosed
  • When the wrong diagnosis is made


  • Surgical Negligence

Although most of the operations and surgeries performed in the NHS hospitals are successful, as they are able to achieve the desired outcome. However, there are a few instances where mistakes are made. Mistakes are a vital part of any process carried out by humans, but the field of medicine is very unforgiving in this regard. Any subtle error can lead to severe outcomes. These mistakes leading to unsuccessful surgeries come under the category of surgical negligence. 

There are certain types of surgical negligence that are called the “Never event”. These instances are labelled as the Government as the most serious and they should not happen at any cost. 

The year 2015 alone recorded around 200 Never Events across the UK. Among these, most of the surgeries were performed on the wrong region of the patient’s body, while the remainder had some foreign object left inside the body after surgery. 

Common types of surgical negligence include:

  • Wrong surgery performed
  • The wrong region of the body operated
  • Foreign equipment left inside the body
  • Organs being perforated
  • Cosmetic surgery resulting in scarring and disfigurement
  • Infections happening because of substandard treatment or poor levels of hygiene

  • Wrong Prescription

Innumerable prescriptions are written every day and are dispensed. While most of these are done correctly, the likelihood of errors and mistakes cannot be ruled out. Getting the wrong medicines, or incorrect dose will definitely have serious consequences that can include brain damage, serious allergies, digestive issues, chronic illnesses like cancer, mental disorders and psychological illnesses, and in worst cases, even death. 

Common medication error negligence claims include:

  • Wrong medication prescribed
  • Wrong dosage or duration recommended
  • Several medicines prescribed that should not be taken together
  • The patient is known to be allergic to certain medications

  • Wrong Medical Advice

The medical professional has the duty to advise the patient about the risks attached to a certain procedure and tell them the alternatives available. This can help the patient in making the right decision about whether they want to proceed with the operation or not. Failing to do this can result in things going in the wrong direction, and if this is the case, the patient may be entitled to submit a medical negligence compensation claim. 

  • Birth Injuries

According to statistics, there are around 5 babies born every second. The year 2012 alone saw 694241 births in the UK. Even though the majority of these births are without complications and problems, there are some cases where mistakes are made leading to devastating outcomes. 

Common birth injury compensation claims are:

  • Those that happen during pregnancy. This may include maternal diabetes, pre-eclampsia, Uterine rupture, placental abruption, gestational diabetes, and wrongful birth cases. These wrong birth cases are where the sterilisation or vasectomy isn’t up to the mark and the parents were not warned that their child will be born with a particular disability
  • Those that happen during labour. Cerebral palsy, tears, episiotomy, Erb’s palsy and forceps delivery are some of the many issues.
  • Those that happen after birth. Congenital Hip Dysplasia is the most prominent problem


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