Vaping is definitely a better alternative to cigarettes, mainly because it’s relatively safe for health, has a nice aroma, and not to forget, the thick smoke it produces allows you to perform several incredible tricks. 

The vapors made through this electronic cigarette enable you to play around, perform great tricks, and once you’ve mastered the art, you won’t ever consider anything other than a vape. 

Get in a confined place to get rid of airflow and start practicing different vape tricks. Make sure you have all the windows and doors shut so that no air flows in. 

Here we have discussed how you can learn to perform some incredible vape tricks. 

  • Ghost Inhale

This is one of the easiest tricks, and you won’t need a lot of practice to master this. You release a thick vapour ball, which is followed by the practice of inhaling it back in. This natural vape trick is also called the mushroom cloud. 

To do a ghost inhale, take a long drag, and keep the smoke inside your mouth for a few seconds before you let it out in a ball shape. Open your mouth in a round shape for a little while, and as soon as some smoke leaves your mouth, close it back again. 

  • The Waterfall

This is another simple trick that beginners can do, too. The waterfall can be done by using a bottle that has ice at the bottom. Start by taking a long drag, blow it into the bottom of the bottle, and gradually bring it out. The waterfall is an amazing vape trick that makes the vape into an intense water-like structure flowing outside the bottle. 

  • Vapour Bubble

Ever seen people making huge bubbles with vape smoke? You can also easily achieve this by simply trapping the vapor you exhale in a bubble. 

Cut a plastic bottle from the bottom end, but make sure the bottle isn’t too big. Use soap, water, and hands. After this, you can put the bottle into the liquid mixture and slowly exhale the vapor. 

  • Tornado

This is a trick that will require some practice. This amazing trick is sure to impress anyone who sees it. Use a pen or mod to produce thick smoke, which is important for a tornado. 

Start by very carefully exhaling the vapor, and do it on a flat surface, you could use a table for this. Once the smoke hits the surface of the table or floor, use your hands and chop the smoke at the surface. Proceed by flicking your wrist in an upward motion and raise your arm. If all these steps are done in the right sequence and at once, you’ll see a super tornado forming from the smoke. 

  • Liquid Mist

When at a party, make sure to pull off a liquid mist with your vape to attract all the attention! Take a glass of any drink, it is better if the glass has a bigger diameter. Once your glass is halved, take a strong rip from your vape and make contact with the glass rim through your lips and slowly blow out the vapor. You’ll see the smoke staying on top of the liquid to make your drink look like some potion!

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