LGBT friendly vacation spots

The number of gay marriages has been increasing rapidly thanks to legalization and open-mindedness. Thus, the search for a dreamy gay post-nuptial getaway has been increasing rapidly. Nowadays, finding LGBT friendly vacation spots isn’t hard because the entire world is welcoming gay people with open arms. 

If you are soon going to tie into gay nuptials, you and your partner must be busy with all wedding planning. So, we- 2dadswithbaggage, thought of reducing your wedding planning stress by creating a list of LGBT friendly vacation spots for newlyweds. 

You can make your honeymoon memorable by booking tickets to the following destinations –

Sitges in Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful beach studded LGBT friendly vacation spots. If you want to enjoy a relaxing beach honeymoon with your partner, you should not stick to Barcelona. To view the real natural gems of Spain, you have to travel a little away from the capital city and visit Sitges. It is a small but friendly town away from all the hustles and bustles of the city. It is approximately 25 miles west end from Barcelona – it is a hub of gay activities. There you can stay in some of the regal tropical resorts, walk on the cobblestone roads and discover secrets on various beaches. If you and your partner love to party hard, you will find plenty of gay bars to party every night. 

Punta Mita in Mexico 

You might have already heard about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as it is the gay party hub. However, you can travel a little bit away from this epic gay party center and find a peaceful LGBT friendly vacation spot for an intimate honeymoon. Punta Mita is a small and cozy village where you can relax with your partner and make some new memories. You can bask into the sun and inhale fresh salty air every morning and experience the real laid back culture. If you are planning to see some underwater magic, you can explore the Marieta Islands. For a relaxed and intimate honeymoon trip, you should try Punita Mita. 

Napa Valley in California 

If you and your life partner love to drink wine and try new bars often, you can have a blast in Napa Valley. From riding bikes in the wine yards to numerous wine tasting events, you can literally take a bath in wine in Napa Valley. You can stay in luxurious boutique hotels and taste vintage wine – lead a lazy life. Moreover, the greenery and scenery there is simply exquisite and elegant. For a lazy and affordable honeymoon, you can definitely try Napa Valley. 

Buenos Aires in Argentina 

If you are one of those couples who like to celebrate hard with your friends and family, you can definitely plan a destination wedding in Buenos Aires. It is the place where you can find some of the best culinary resorts, clubs, bars, and restaurants. From the sunrise to rest, this place is constantly buzzing with the party vibe. Thus, if you want to turn your honeymoon into a big party rather than spending on a remote beach, you can never go wrong with Buenos Aires. 

Portland in Maine

Portland is the most underrated honeymoon destination, but if you love lighthouse and lobster, you can spend your honeymoon there. There are plenty of different adventurous activities available, like skiing, hiking, snorkeling, and so much more. For fun as well as a relaxing honeymoon, you can book tickets to Portland. 

There are a plethora of LGBT friendly vacation spots available around the globe. You can pick any destination as per your and your partner’s taste. But, if you are looking for some personal suggestions, you can always check out the 2dadswithbaggage blog and indulge in the real lifestyle of gay couples. 

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