Challenge Coins


Challenge coins are traditional items sported by Military officials to represent their squad and
signify the pride of their nation. Over the years, the tradition of wearing challenge coins has
passed on to several other occupations and professional fields.
With customization available, a lot of variation can be seen in challenge coins. You can get
custom coins made as per your own liking. However, there are a handful of things to focus on
if you want to design perfect custom challenge coins.
Below we have listed some of the things that you need to target when designing custom
challenge coins.

1.    Type of material

The material you choose for the making of custom challenge coins greatly impacts the overall
appearance of it. Now, the coin manufacturing companies offer a variety of materials to choose
from and it totally depends upon your pick.
Some common coin materials that are offered to select are brass, black nickel, bronze, the
classic metals like gold or silver and more. Make sure you keep in mind the design of the coin
while picking out the material so that they compliment well with each other.

2.   Colors to add

The next thing that you need to focus when designing for custom challenge coins are the colors
that you are going to add. Now, some challenge coins are preferable to be colorless and only
the material and artwork engraved on it speaks.
However, for some other challenge coins adding colors plays an integral role while designing.
Most coin makers offer their customers a PANTONE color chart from where they can pick the
colors for the coin.

3.   Target the theme of the event

While you are designing for custom challenge coins make sure to always keep your focus on
the theme of the event. Hence, if it's an award ceremony then make sure the challenge coins
that are made signify honor and appreciation for the person to whom it will be presented.
Contrary to this, if the challenge coins are made for representing a squad or a battalion then
keep in mind that the coins must evoke a sense of belonging or unity. Whatever you do, make
sure the design of the coins is relevant to the theme of the event.


4.   Logo or Artwork of the coin

Now, the artwork that would be featured on your coin will be the central focal point of the coin.
Hence, you have to pay extra attention when you decide on the artwork of the coin.
Whether you want to include a logo that your Military unit has or want to add the flag as the
artwork for the coin, the choice is totally up to you.


Designing a custom challenge coin may seem like an easy job but it is certainly not. A lot of
thinking and decision making goes into it. So, if you want to get custom coins made perfectly
then make sure you focus on the above enumerated areas while designing it.

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