When it comes to getting a good gaming experience, the majority of people are concerned about the components of the computer. People tend to focus on the CPU, RAM, the graphics card, and many other components. Each of the components is unarguably important and holds the significance of its own. However, there is an essential component that used to often get ignored. What is surprising is that this component is part of every computer or perhaps this was people never thought of replacing it. The typists and gamers of today are now realizing the difference it makes to upgrade this accessory. As a matter of fact, modern gamers refer to their gaming keyboards as their ‘secret weapon’. If we compare the keyboard from other peripheral parts, it is also very affordable. Gaming Keyboard Price in Pakistan in good online stores, like Dab Lew Tech, is further reduced.

Therefore, despite the fact it has not been very long since gaming keyboards came into existence, they have become super popular among gamers and typers. With their mechanical switches gaming, keyboards are thought to be one of the most sophisticated devices.


Why is a gaming keyboard necessary?

One of the big advantages offered by a gaming keyboard is that it enables programming game macros. Just like how a console video game is wholly dependent on the input delivered through a controller, the computer games are curated to take commands from the keyboard. This implies an enormous number of keys and the combination to first remember and then execute. If you have a gaming keyboard, then you have very little to worry about, as gaming keyboards often support macros. This helps you to program a series of keys that can be triggered by simply tapping one key. 

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  • A mechanical keyboard can elevate your gaming experience

We have already explained why a gaming keyboard is essential for you, if you are a computer games-enthusiast, but to truly relish your gaming experience you should get a mechanical keyboard.  

A keyboard equipped with mechanical switches provides all the benefits of a traditional keyboard. Furthermore, you get to enjoy cool features like custom made LED  backlighting so that there are specific colors representing specific keys, alleviating any risk of confusion between keys. There is an additional great feature of the rollover, that allows different keys to be pressed at the same time and registered at the same time. This feature is especially beneficial for gaming, as games require some key combos for special moves. 

The regular keyboard with membrane switches are although very inexpensive, but they are far from ideal, for a good gaming experience. Since the switches beneath the membrane keyboard can feel mushy, which doesn’t give the precision a good gamer needs. Whereas, mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches like the Cherry MX series. Each mechanical switch has a sound and character of its own, which helps the gamer to distinguish between them. 

The mechanical keyboards also have an advantage over membrane keyboards, as it registers the depression despite being pressed only halfway, consequently decreasing the time of response.  Simultaneously, the mechanical keyboard gives a ‘click’ when you press the key. This gives you the feedback, necessary for precision. Furthermore, it ebbs away chances of missing a keystroke, if you accidentally did not properly press the key.

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They are durable

Since the keyboard is an extension to the computer and is the most used peripheral part of the computer, it is likely to wear out very easily. For instance, a membrane keyboard is likely to deteriorate after 1 million to 10 million keystrokes. Even the ones with the best quality cannot take more than 20 million strokes. The mechanical switches on the other hand can easily take up to 50 million keystrokes! 

They are more stable

Mechanical keyboards are relatively heavier than membrane keyboards. Consequently, this makes them more stable and hard to shift. However, they are pressed very easily.

More Anti-ghosting

If we compare mechanical keyboards from any other types of keyboards, we will find mechanical keyboards have more keys for anti-ghosting. A good mechanical keyboard offers up to 104 anti-ghosting keys to enhance your gaming experience.  

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