Online selling and buying may have been a difficult feat to achieve a decade ago, but now, with a plethora of economical and convenient platforms available, it has become extremely easy to make your own online store. People who don’t want to make their own stores can use established online markets like eBay and Amazon where you can get in touch with a lot of vendors and huge traffic of customers.

The growth of your eCommerce business relies heavily on how effectively you bring in new customers and enhance sales from the existing ones. It’s vital to find the right balance with every marketing channel because they all require time, money, and energy.

Experts suggest that there are some mistakes that you should avoid to achieve the right balance. Let’s take a look at some of these critical mistakes:

  1. Not Knowing The Whereabouts of Your Online Customers

You should always bear in mind that not every channel and platform will work for every business. For instance, if you’re looking to sell sports goods on Etsy, which is famous for selling handcrafted products, you’ll end up failing. However, you can easily get on Etsy and make good revenue if you sell clothes hand-woven sweaters on that channel.

For starters, you should analyze your competitors. How are they selling products similar to yours online? Which marketplaces are they operating in? Once you get the idea, you can thoroughly search that marketplace and get a good idea of the psychographics and demographics of people in that marketplace.


  1. Not Making Full Use Of Social Media

You may think spending a good amount on having your website made for eCommerce will be good enough to start off your business, but this notion won’t get you far. Experts suggest that having a sound social media strategy to boost your eCommerce business is extremely vital. Make your customers aware of your brand and get in touch with them through trailer videos of new and upcoming products through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram.


  1. Having No Knowledge Of Your Niche

If you’re planning to go all-in, by selling too many different sorts of goods to too many different segments of customers, you will inevitably fall in the pit of regret. Experts like Dave Huckabay suggest that you should work on one nice and give people a concrete reason to buy just from you. You can do this by offering the best product that isn’t found anywhere else. The best approach to find success in eCommerce business is to remain specific by catering to enthusiasts who have a good amount of product knowledge.


  1. Failing To Plan

As the famous saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. It’s imperative in the beginning stages to use your time, energy, money, and all other resources as wisely as possible. The biggest mistake new retailers commit is filling warehouses and storages with excess inventories without knowing the demand. Consequently, they have no or very few buyers.

Experts like Huckabay say if you need to learn more about a certain product’s demand, you can start by searching it on eBay or other established marketplaces like Amazon to see how much it is selling in a month or a year. This will give you a proper idea of the demand for that product.


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