Do you know an average person spends one-third of the entire day, which is eight hours, inside the bedroom? To get the right amount of sleep, everything present in your bedroom must be comfy and feel cosy. From the bed to the furniture and the colours of the walls, all these elements combined must make your room feel nothing less than a retreat. 


It is not a norm for guests to lurk around the bedroom. Hence, most people end up neglecting the design and comfort of their bedrooms. Although, a home is incomplete without a snug and welcoming bed to rest in after a long tiring day. Therefore, the more you personalise and add constituents of emotions and feelings to your bedroom, the healthier the nights spent under the warmth of your blanket.  


If you are looking for tips that will help you transform your current unappealing bedroom to a vogue one, follow the tricks and tactics below!  


Tip # 1 Customise your bed frame 

The bed is the determining component that decides whether your bedroom is a comfortable one or not. The entire personality of your room can alter with the right choice of the bed. In the modern world, custom made bed frames are your best shot in adding the right amount of emotions, style, and class in your rooms. Research the market and find the best bed frame maker, which is not a hard job, considering the demand among new-age homeowners for custom made bed-frames in 2020. 



Tip # 2 Beautify the room with pictures 

Pictures of fond memories, such as the ones from childhood, high-school prom, graduation, or wedding day, add components of personalisation into your rooms. Wherever you enter your bedroom, you come across these pictures, and they make your heart feel good. That is why hanging pictures is a great idea to enhance the feel of your bedrooms. You can place them above the bed or assign a single wall for all the frames you want to showcase in your bedroom. For your kid’s bedroom, you can hang a picture or a poster of their favourite character, so they can feel just as excited and at home. 


Tip # 3 Go for a fun and aesthetic theme 

The home decor industry is all about themes this year. Let every nook and cranny of the bedroom reflect the interest of its dwellers. Whether you are into nautical themes, classical arts, florals, or you are a fan of any particular culture, allow your walls to showcase that for you in the most flattering way. You can make use of paint colours, home decor pieces, or any other prop to get the result you are looking for in your bedroom. 


Tip # 4 Opt for a minimalistic furniture look 

Today, the trend is to strive for a minimalist look for bedrooms. An uncluttered, clean, and tidy room is the dream of every modish homeowner. To achieve this look, you have to be as minimum as you can with your furniture. A bed, a dressing table, a cupboard, a chair, and a nightstand can complete the look of your room without making it look messy and too overwhelming. When it comes to furniture material, solid and reclaimed wood furniture is all the rage in 2020! 


Tip # 5 Make use of accessories to add a personal statement 

To glorify the ownership of your bedroom, you can accessorize your room with various elements like throw pillows, your favourite showpiece, scented candles, a comfy blanket, or a bunch of your most loved soft toys. Decorating your bed with such accessories will make you experience a long and healthy sleep in your bedroom. 


Follow these tips and fall in love with your bedroom once again! 


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