In the millennium of technology, it is absolutely impossible to avoid digital devices for anyone. Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives easier, but it has some negative consequences too. Following are the three main reasons why you should restrict your kids’ screen time.


Blue Light Emission


Digital devices are known to emit blue light that can harm your kids’ eyes and sleeping patterns. Therefore, it is vital to reduce their device usage, significantly restricting it before bedtime. Also, you should get professional blue light vision treatment as these glasses can protect your children from the blue rays.


Obesity And Chronic Diseases


Technology can impact your child’s activity. Most children nowadays spend more time on their couch than playing in the sun. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and chronic diseases when they grow up. Additionally, the blue light also has an indirect connection to obesity development. Therefore, professional blue light vision treatment is a significant need here too.


Mental Illness


Digital Devices have increased the incidence of attachment disorder, attention deficit syndrome, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc., in children. They can also induce aggressive behavior in youngsters through violent content. 


Digital devices also cause addiction in parents leading to addiction in children because of lack of parental attention. Therefore, to stop children from over-usage of devices, parents first need to self-limit themselves. Also, there should be close monitoring of what children watch on their gadgets to prevent aggression and other mental health issues.




Digital devices have shadowed the entire world, and it is impossible to refrain from using them. However, parents must limit children’s screen time to prevent them from blue light’s effects on eyes and sleeping pattern. Also, restricting hand-held device usage is vital to prevent children from obesity, chronic diseases, and mental illnesses. It requires parental attention, effort, and time to save kids from the long-term harmful effects of electronic gadgets.

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