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Eyeliner is a product that makes the eyes look more amazing. Many women use the product and cannot stay without it. Therefore there is a high demand for it. This has led to many brands creating their eyeliner. To make it stand out they can focus on creating attractive eyeliner packaging. Packaging impacts the sales that a business makes. This is why effort should be put into designing it well. Makeup products are used to make one look more beautiful and so their packaging should be designed in this way as well.

Interesting facts about eyeliner packaging

The quality of cosmetic products influences sales, however, product presentation matters much as well. An eyeliner needs to be placed in a box or some sort of packaging before it can get sold.

The box should be strong so that it keeps this sensitive product safe. It should be designed to look attractive as well allowing it to stand out in front of the competition.

The following are 10 reasons why one should fall in love with eyeliner boxes:

1.  Attract potential customers so sales increase

If you want people to like the packaging then you need to design it according to what they want from the packaging. The consumers have to be kept in mind when designing the boxes.

A brand has to find out some information about their customers. This includes their age range, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. Eyeliner is usually brought by females. Teenagers and adults may mostly buy it.

If a brand has made a special version for teenagers, the boxes can be funky. This is especially true if the eyeliner is a funky color. The packaging for adults will be simple and decent.

2.  Strong material that keeps the product safe

The packaging that is liked is the strong one and that will keep the product safe. Some people invest much when buying a good-quality eyeliner. They will want it to reach in excellent condition. This can be achieved if the boxes are made from good material.

Preferable material includes cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These options are all strong. They will keep the box safe and the eyeliner as well.

3.  Boxes safe for the environment

Packaging should be environmentally friendly. The brand that has “green” boxes will be seen as a sensible one. Some customers buy eyeliner that is environmentally conscious. They will want to buy from the business which cares for the environment.

Nowadays a brand has to choose these types of materials. They are safe for the environment as they can be recycled, reused, are biodegradable.

4.     Informative packaging increases sales

The successful eyeliner packaging is the informative one. This is the one that encourages sales to occur. Only when shoppers know about the product will they think about getting it.

The boxes should be used to inform customers of what you are selling. With eyeliner you need to state what type of eyeliner it is, its color, quantity, ingredients, when to use till, how to store, etc. The instructions on how to use may be given as well.

These details can help customers decide whether they want and need the eyeliner or not.

5.  Allow the product to be seen

When it comes to makeup products like eyeliners, many consumers wish to see the product before they buy it. If there is no tester available they may not buy the item.

Therefore it is a good idea to have window boxes here. These have a transparent window at the front that lets customers see part of the product. People will be more confident in buying the eyeliner when they get to see it by themselves.

6.  Choose colors carefully

Eyeliner packaging should have eye-catching along with vibrant colors. These are liked by the consumer base. Colors are important when it comes to packaging.

They are directly connected to psychology. Colors can create a certain feeling in customers. Research color psychology so that you choose the correct ones.

7.  Focus on finishing options

There are different coating and finishing options present with packaging. You should choose the best ones that will suit your budget and be liked by customers.

With eyeliner, you can consider matte, glossy, high gloss UV, for instance. These will give your box a chic and luxurious look.

8.  Images used

The images used on the boxes influence whether they are loved or not. With eyeliner, the packaging often has an attractive image of an eye that has eyeliner applied to it. You can have a graphic or cartoon image or one of a real person. Do not exaggerate the product or else customers will not be pleased when they open the box.

9.  Typography should be attractive

The typography chosen must be a good one. You do not want the font to be boring so that shoppers do not even consider reading the information you have given.

Do not include too many details. Only add what is needed. If you add too much, the packaging also looks bad.

10. Packaging should increase brand awareness

All brands want to get established and be known in the market. With packaging, you can increase brand awareness. This is when a logo is printed on the box. The logo has to be a simple and memorable one.  Include contact details of the business as well. This includes the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, etc.

If shoppers fall in love with eyeliner packaging they will be attracted to the product. They will get to know about the brand when they notice it. Sales can increase like this. The boxes that are loved are those that are strong and which are alluring. They should look amazing and according to what customers are drawn towards.

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