10 Christmas facts that no one knows

Christmas is a Christian festival. It is the most famous festival of foreign countries. It is said that on this auspicious day, the famous Christian god Lord Jesus was born. To celebrate their birthday, we use to celebrate Christmas day. On this day, we can see decoration and people decide their dress code as Red and white. By doing this, they are showing their inner look and personality. But today, we are going to tell you about ten amazing factors about Christmas. So now, let’s get started:

10 Christmas facts that no one knows

  1. Christmas Day occurred on the twenty-fifth of December which is when the very cold winter season is running. Only a few people know that it is also known as X-mas day. Where ‘X’ is a sign of cross and lord Jesus has their symbolic denotation which is the holy cross. It is completely commemorated to the birth of the lord of Jesus Christ. We wish Christmas by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ because Merry was the name of Christ’s mother. 
  2. We have seen a special kind of decoration over a tree. That tree belongs to the Fir family of trees. It has a triangular shape and we use to decorate this in favor of Christmas. Only a few people know that this style of celebrating Christmas was primarily used by ancient Egyptians. Also, it is dedicated to Roman culture. The modern tree was a pine tree but as time moves, then Germany initiated using it as fir trees for celebration.
  3. We know that Christmas has a new look and it brings excitement and joy to people. But this special joy can be seen among children especially. And for them, Santa Clause becomes their ideal for celebration because this character has been accepted as who completes the all wishes demanded by kids. For wishes, kids to make socks and put their wishes into them for Santa.
  4. Talking about Santa here, we all have assumed him in the red dress, but only a few people know that the initial cloth that Santa used to wear was green, purple, and blue. It was for many years the common theme for north pole old men. So, talking about gifts here, then don’t forget to get some Merry Christmas Gifts delivered to your doorstep by ordering them online which is compatible for your comfort.
  5. Santa Clause is the most favorite character that we know. But also, we have got to see that the convoy of Santa Clause is pulled by a reindeer. The name of the reindeer is ‘Rudolph.’ But only a few people know that Rudolph is the ninth reindeer of Santa clause because it is not possible to pull the convoy alone. There are eight other reindeer who complete this fate.
  6. There are also many festivals which used to be celebrated in our nation and we Indians used to worship our Gods by flowers. But in Christian Religion, especially on Christmas, the wreath of Christmas is the symbol of love, respect, integrity, mercy, and eternal life. These all universal elements were established by the Lord Jesus Christ who had the vision of a good life and joy.
  7. There is always a spiritual factor that is joint with every custom of the festival. As we’re talking about Christmas, then we have got to see that people on this day do Carolling by going door to door in their society. It is believed that by doing, so we are bringing them wishes and good luck for upcoming ups and downs in life that is the main part of Christmas.


Santa Clause receives gifts too. Yes, in general, Santa Clause gifts only those children who have done well in the year. But as a north pole old man tradition, he also grants milk, candies, and different kinds of sweets for Santa Clause. So this year, don’t forget to make Santa special cookies or order Christmas tree online to make this situation awesome and joyful. Online things are great and even they are less time consumable. They can get from anywhere and anytime. So, this Christmas, let’s upgrade ourselves by going digital and make Christmas more happier and joyful than last year.

Conclusion | 10 Christmas facts that no one knows

So these were all you need to know about the facts of Christmas. I hope you have enjoyed reading with us. Thanks for staying with us and marry Christmas.

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