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With the ever-changing world, the choices of people are also changing. In this fast-paced life, everybody is looking for a certain convenience in terms of shopping. The right type of flooring is also a tricky thing to do. Along with other types of flooringsluxury vinyl flooring in Columbus is also trending these days. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is a little bit different from basic vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl planks are not like other vinyl sheets. They are neither sheets nor in the form tiles. They are wood-looking long planks that are thicker than the other vinyl sheets and tiles. They are made of high-quality planks with an amazing range of textures and colors in them. Let’s have a look at the main characteristics of luxury vinyl flooring.

  1. Water and heat resistant
  2. Sound resistant
  3. durability
  4. Area of use
  5. installation
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Luxurious outlook
  8. Pet-friendly
  9. Comfortable walk
  10. Cost friendly
  • Water and heat resistance:

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best types of flooring these days. Its water and hear-resistant property make it even more usable than others. These vinyl planks do not absorb water or heat them. They are even moisture-absorbent. But it will be safe to avoid their longer contact with water to sustain its quality.

  • Sound resistant:

Homeowners are always concerned with soundproof floorings for their homes. Nobody likes to hear unnecessary noises. In this sense, luxury vinyl flooring Columbus makes it noise-free with its sound-resistant property. They feel less noisy underfoot as compared to other hardwood or laminated floorings. 

  • Durability:

In flooring categories, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most durable flooring planks. If handled with care, it can serve up to 20 years. This type of flooring is long-lasting as it is made with thick flooring planks. This thickness protects it from getting damaged frequently. Luxury vinyl is persistent, it can have dents but its durability can be increased by using rugs or carpets under the heavy items.

  • Area of use:

Luxury vinyl flooring planks are used in both residential and commercial areas. These flooring planks can be installed in almost every corner of your household. For commercial places, it is also very much suitable. It enhances the look of the area in which it is installed. Its main area of use is crowded places, whether in your home or a marketplace. It can withstand high-traffic areas.

  • Installation:

 It is one of those characteristics which makes it even more likeable. Its installation is easy with less noise and disturbance. It is usually installed in a floating manner readily. It can also be glued down with great ease under professional guidance. 

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  • Low maintenance:

Luxury vinyl flooring needs fewer protective measures than other floorings. Homeowners prefer this flooring because of the feature in it. They do not need washing or cleaning with water or other heavy chemical cleaners. It just requires on-time cleaning with gentle hands. It is made with protective layers in it which makes it intact.

  • Luxurious outlook:

As the name reflects, this type of vinyl flooring has a luxury outlook in it. It provides the most elegant and stylish looks to the overall household. They look lavish and trendy as compared to simple vinyl flooring planks. It almost feels like wood with its luminous and aesthetic look. You may not distinguish it from actual wooden floors or tiles.

  • Pet friendly:

This vinyl flooring in Columbus is used where there are pets. If you have pets in the house you don’t have to worry because vinyl flooring will remain in its luxury without being damaged. You do not even have to worry about the cleaning thing while having pets. A slightly damp cloth can be used for cleaning purposes.

  • Comfortable walk:

With luxury vinyl flooring you can have a smooth and comfortable noise-free walk. its soft texture does not make you feel exhausted even after standing or walking for a long time. These vinyl floorings are stylish as well as comfortable.

  • Cost friendly:

According to the Flooring Store columbus Unlike simple vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl floor planks are not that cheap but also less expensive. Their cost varies from quality to quality. Its cost ranges between in $2 to $4 per square inch, depending upon the thickness of the planks. The highest quality vinyl planks cost at least $7 per square inch. It is affordable following your taste and requirement.


Luxury vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the high standard vinyl flooring in Columbus, in terms of its characteristics. You can imagine the benefits it has based on its distinctive properties. It’s hardwood-like luxury look will amaze you along with the other characteristics. Its high-quality planks make it suitable and reliable for high-traffic areas. go for it if you want to have a long-lasting experience.  

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